Piotr Tempczyk

About me

I graduated Physics at University of Warsaw and now I am a Ph.D student at faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics under supervision of Marek Cygan. I have 10+ years of experience in applied statistics and machine learning and in recent years I decided to focus on academic research on neural networks and Bayesian statistics. I am also a co-founder and CTO at deeptale.ai, where we do R&D on computer vision problems and build deeply personalized products using generative models. Apart from studies and work, I do research in Polish Lab for AI (PL4AI). After work, I spend my time with my wife and two daughters, ride a dirt bike and a supermoto, and play all kinds of Souls-like board and computer games.

Area of interest

  • Bayesian statistics
  • Generative models
  • Deep Learning
  • Topology


Here I present my work during PhD and some other scientific projects I was involved in:

One Simple Trick to Fix Your Bayesian Neural Network

We are currently working (with K. Smoczyński, P. Smolenski-Jensen, M. Cygan) on how different activation functions in Bayesian neural networks affect posterior shape, network calibration and uncertainty estimates. Draft of paper and preliminary results are available on arXiv.

LIDL: Local Intrinsic Dimension estimation using approximate Likelihood

Our paper with R. Michaluk, Ł. Garncarek, P. Spurek, J. Tabor and A. Goliński on local intrinsic dimension estimation was presented as a long presentation at ICLM 2022.

NeurIPS 2021 BEETL Competition: Benchmarks for EEG Transfer Learning

We took 3-rd place in the competition with Maciej Śliwowski and Vincent Rouanne. Our work was presented during the talk at the NeurIPS 2021 BEETL competition workshop.

n-CPS: Generalising Cross Pseudo Supervision to n networks for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation

Joint work with Dominik Filipiak and Marek Cygan on semi-supervised semantic segmentation during my work at AI Clearing.

Reinforcement learning based brain-computer interface

Joint work with Maciej Śliwowski. Poster presentation at EEML 2020 and best poster award in reinforcement learning category.


These are the events and courses I was involved in:

Contact Me

Email me at piotr.tempczyk at the domain mimuw.edu.pl